hackstreetboys aka [hsb] is a CTF team from the Philippines

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hackstreetboys aka [hsb] is a CTF team from the Philippines.

The team was created with the high ambition of being the country’s premier CTF team.

We are a group of professionals with huge interest in various areas of cybersecurity, as well as playing CTFs. You can check our recently participated events and rankings on CTFtime and HackTheBox.

We aim to be an organization that encourages knowledge-sharing — a place where all the members can gain direct mentorship from each other through joint discussions and continuous participation.

We aim to be a close-knit group that may, (hopefully) one day, regularly put the Philippines in the international CTF world map.

We hope that through this group, we may be able to share our knowledge to fellow countrymen — especially the younger generations — so that someday, they may carry the same ambition and goals that we had when we formed this team.

Team Members

name expertise links
hightail forensics steganography Twitter / GitHub / Blog
ameer sleeping eating daydreaming Twitter / GitHub / Blog / HackTheBox
oR10n forensics reversing HackTheBox
ar33zy pwn reversing GitHub / Blog / HackTheBox
atom getting girls' mobile number Twitter / GitHub / Blog / HackTheBox
hackett skill -
hawkcurry cryptography GitHub / HackTheBox
nats jack of all trades Twitter / GitHub / HackTheBox
Nihil web -
SymR jack of all trades HackTheBox
s4t4n water boy Twitter

Selected CTF Events Awards

CTF Place Date Write-Ups
ASIS CTF QUALS 2019 50th Online, Apr. 2019 Read
TG:HACK 2019 25th Online, Apr. 2019 Read
CBM CTF 2019 9th Online, Apr. 2019 Read
RADAR CTF 2019 22nd Online, Apr. 2019 Read
Encrypt CTF 2019 52nd Online, Apr. 2019 Read
Securinets CTF Quals 2019 23rd Online, Mar. 2019 Read
X-MAS CTF 2018 10th Online, Dec. 2018 Read
OtterCTF 17th Online, Dec. 2018 Read
Metasploit Community CTF 14th Online, Nov. 2018 Read
RITSEC CTF 2019 16th Online, Nov. 2018 Read
ROOTCON 12 CTF ([hsb]Team Harambae) 1st PH, Sep. 2018 Read
ROOTCON 12 CTF ([hsb]Ethical Hackers Club) 2nd PH, Sep. 2018 Read
ROOTCON 12 CTF ([hsb]hackdog) 3rd PH, Sep. 2018  
Trend Micro CTF 2018 - Raimund Genes Cup - Online Qualifier 28th Online, Sep. 2018  
SEC-T CTF 15th Online, Sep. 2018  
noxCTF 2018 12th Online, Sep. 2018